Victron Energy pre-built off grid electrical boards

Check out our Victron Energy 12V pre-built off grid electrical systems already mounted on a board perfect for off grid living in your van.

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Blue Power Electrics

Blue Power Electrics specialise in building pre-built Victron Energy off grid electrical systems that have been built, tested and commissioned by us qualified electrical engineers.

Safety in electrics is paramount to us. With the immense popularity in off grid van electrical systems, we take pride in keeping keen van converters and off grid enthusiasts electrics safe, so they can enjoy amazing adventures stress free! Get in touch for any help or advice you need to keep your system safe.

What our customers think

"Blue Power Electrics built our Victron Energy electrical system in our VW Crafter. Really happy with the service and attention to detail. Pays to get a pro to install this key part of the build!" - Brett Baber

Van electrical system installation services

Why choose Blue Power Electrics to install your campervan electrics and Victron Energy off grid electrical system for van, hut or home? The simple answer, we are electrical engineers, qualified to install off grid electrical systems safely and by the specific electrical regulations. Find out more.

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Pre-built solar power electrical boards

Pre-built, wired & mounted off grid solar boards. Use solar panels ranging from 145W up to 440W with our pre-built boards.

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Pre-built inverter/charger electrical boards

Pre-built, wired & mounted inverter/charger off grid electrical boards. We have 400W-2400W inverter/charger pre-built boards